Multiple Choice Quiz Makeovers in E-Learning

One of the ways to improve your instructional design skills is to take the Articulate ELearning heroes challenges. Each week a challenge to do something with Articulate storyline is posted on Articulate’s ELearning heroes website (which by the way is brilliant) and you have one week to complete the challenge. To be honest you can practice the challeneges with any authroing tool. But you will learn more with Storyline because people who complete the challenges and post there examples to the site use Storyline.

In terms of number of challenges ELearning heroes is currently on Number 159. That’s a lot of challenges to practice your instructional design skills. This week I decided to do the 159th challenge which is to create a Multiple Choice Quiz Makeovers in E-Learning. This is how the challenge is introduced:

Multiple choice quizzes are one of the most common question types in e-learning and it’s easy to see why.

They’re easy to build, grade, and provide course designers a reliable way to assess a learner’s understanding and provide them specific feedback.

They can also be one of the dullest parts of the e-learning course.

Because multiple choice quizzes are so easy to build, they’re often the go-to question type when course designers are short on time and design resources. This results in predictable and unimaginative assessments.

But with a little creativity, multiple choice questions can engage learners. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about!

Click here to view the actual challenge.

Following is a brief description of my attempt.

I created a four slide mini-course using a little bit of branching, some feedback and use of layers.

Below is the first slide which is an entry to the course which has three multiple choice questions all structured in the same way. The learner is required to pick one answer and get feedback depending on if the answer is right or wrong.


To begin you press on the ENTER button which takes you to this page:


This is the challenge which consists of three questions. Two are wrong and one is right. If the learner select a wrong answer, she will get this feedback:


If she selects the right question she will get this feedback:


All three questions are designed in exactly the same format. The idea is to make multiple-choice questions look a bit more interesting instead of the normal multiple chopice question format which can look bland.

Also it was quite simple to create. Took just about an hour.


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