Creating a simple video with sound and animation

Theelearning challenge on ELearning Heroes about three weeks ago was, storytelling with animated text, images, sound and video in E_Learning. I decided to give this a try using PowerPoint to create the video and a text-to-speech software to create the audio. The content I used wasn’t really a story, but rather a brief introduction to what Schizophrenia is and it’s symptoms.

I created four slides in PowerPoint which consisted of an introduction and three content slides. I used PowerPoint’s Fly-In animation to bring in the words, I then created the audio on the text-to-speech software and imported it into PowerPoint. To convert PowerPoint into a video format, I recorded timing for each slide and allowed the whole presentation to run automatically.

Since this was an elearning challenge I imported the PowerPoint slides into Articulate Storyline. When it is viewed in Articulate Storyline it plays as a single page video. This was a quick project which took me about just 2 hours, but it demonstrates how we can use something as simple as PowerPoint to create quick content like video. If I had spent much more time I would have been able to create something with much higher quality, but now I know that I can do this with PowerPoint. Following are images of the four slides I used to create the video.

Introductory slide


Slide Two


Slide Three


Slide Four



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