Using a Canva infographic template to create a 1-pager for a training session

Recently i was designing a training session for a team I am working with. Normally on a certain part of the course I would go through explaining some aspects of an important piece of legislation. But I thought, why don’t I give them some information and get them to do some work on the legislation using the information I gave them. Though I have not run the training session yet, but below is the 1-pager that I created.

I used the awesome Canva to create this 1-pager. Canva offers a number of templates for different designs. The one I used is part of their free infographic templates. I did amend it a bit by taking of some of the images and changing the alignments of the text boxes, but it looks good for what I want to do. Creating this took me less than 30 minutes. Continue reading